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  • It all began with a Dream.. A dream that has become a Vision… A purpose of Life…

    Dr Rafi Sir with School Students

    The first building block to Handwriting Institute India was laid down in 1999. Dr.Rafiullah Baig (Founder & Director), had himself graduated as the first and the only Certified Handwriting Analyst from India in 1998. Handwriting Institute India is authentically his child.

    Back then, Handwriting Analysis was a concept that seemed bizarre to anyone who heard anything about it. Yet, the results that Dr.Rafiullah Baig had experienced in his own were so convincing that he grounded himself to the establishment and growth of Handwriting Institute India even under these completely challenging circumstances.

    The Institute made its debutante in India with the corporate sector.Introductory Seminars were conducted for companies just to create an awareness of the science. Various educational institutions closely followed the corporate sector. And to reach out on an even larger scale, seminars were also conducted for the public. The motive was very clear… People needed to know the potential that this science had.

    After the first workshop on Handwriting Analysis & Grapho-therapy was conducted, people were so absorbed with the power of self-discovery, that it left them thirsting for more. There was a definite proclivity that propelled us to the next level without wasting any time.

    Success Coach & Director

    Dr.Rafiullah Baig, who is also a Memory Expert, has this unconditional commitment towards making a difference in the society. And he strongly believes the future is in the hands of the young children.

    Thus, sir also chose to provide them with World Class Training in developing themselves to become Champions..! Handwriting Institute India offers a unique program for children on “Excel – Become a Champion Student” and on “Grapho-therapy & Handwriting Development”.

    Apart from the training programs for individuals, Handwriting Institute India has been offering its services to a large corporate clientele. Instead of only hiring and dismissal, with the help of Handwriting Analysis, we have been able to get these companies, “Right Person for the Right Job”…!!

    We realize that helping people help themselves is the best thing this science can do. A very wise man said, “I have miles to go before I sleep.” We at Handwriting Institute India believe the same. Infinity is a standard we set for our self and we strive to reach it…. For us growth has no limitations…

    We are committed to make a difference in every life…!!